Request a Design

Design requests are now handled through our Membership Area.

Membership Area?

The Membership Area is a place to suggest & vote on new designs.

Memberships are only $7/month and all members get the following benefits:

✓ Introductory Pack of 10+ Designs

✓ 3 New Models Every Month

✓ Commercial License While a Member

✓ Suggest & Vote on New Designs

✓ Early Access to New Designs

✓ Discounts on Previous Designs

✓ New Membership Files not Labeled with "FD"

How It Works:


  • Charm - Longhorn Skull
  • Cookie Cutter - Gingerbread Mouse Girl
  • Cookie Cutter - Gingerbread Mouse
  • Keychain - Book
  • Keychain - Tumbler - Pineapple Screw Top
  • Keychain - Tumbler - Trek Screw Top
  • Rhinestone - Glue Holder
  • Rhinestone - Pen Cradle
  • Straw Topper - Alphabet
  • Straw Topper - Fries
  • Straw Topper - Marshmallow Chick
  • Straw Topper - Small Flower


  • Dedicated design request form.
  • Models with multiple requests will be designed sooner!


3 New designs will be released every month!

  • As a member, you will have access to these files as they are completed.
  • You will not have free access to previous month's files as this wouldn't be fair to our previous members.
  • Previous designs can be purchased at a 30% off discount.
  • New designs will be announced and discussed in the Members area.


  • Model download links will be made available as they're completed.


  • While an ACTIVE member, you have a Commercial License to legally sell PHYSICAL 3D prints. IMMEDIATELY UPON CANCELATION of your membership, your commercial license will be terminated.
  • No copying, reproducing, selling, sharing, or transferring any of the files or derivatives (modifications) of the files permitted.
  • Ownership and copyright over all designs and graphics contained in the files are property of Fourdom Designs.

Commercial License Graphics:

  • Commercial License Graphics available for members.
  • Use the provided graphics to show you have a commercial license and prevent others from reporting you as an unauthorized seller.